“What first impressed me was the individual attention received from the coaches, from adapting exercises to accommodate for all the various aches and pains, to the one-on-one coaching sessions to help set goals.  This kind of attention is what keeps bringing me back, along with all the great ladies I have met.” 

– Carolyn M

“I came to Camp MissFits a year ago, and I am sticking with it a year later.  What I love about Camp MissFits, all of the coaches care about you and your individual goals.  I also love the fact that Priscilla is not just the owner, but a hands-on coach as well.  They are all encouraging and make certain you use correct form when exercising, this is a huge plus.  They help with nutrition and help you to be accountable to yourself!! “

– Liz D

Stepping into class on Day 1, I had never felt more included, comfortable and accepted. Not just in a gym setting, but in general. I had finally found the answer to my fitness dreams. From the members to the coaches, MissFits has changed my life. In the course of one year, I have lost 70lbs and found that my body is capable of things I NEVER thought it would be capable of doing. The motivation and camaraderie have made me appreciate and love my fitness journey! These ladies are inspirational, and I am ecstatic to consider many of them my friends.”

– Jen F

“I originally started at Camp Missfits because I was out of breath playing with my 3-year-old grandson, it seemed that chronic aches & pains were sneaking up on me.  I have now been a Missfit for 3 ½ years and find the workouts still challenging in a good way – it may be a cliché but you get out of them what you put into them.  My chronic aches just went away, it is now just soreness from a good workout.  My 3-year-old grandson is now almost 7 and I can keep up with him and his 3-year-old brother, my original goal has been met!  I love being a MissFit.  I genuinely appreciate the coaches, the staff, my fellow MissFits, the virtual, indoor, and outdoor options, the challenges, and the events, in which my family members can be included. 

– Nicki N

I cannot express my gratitude for your amazing group of trainers and participants. I’ve never felt more at ease working out in the judgment-free facility. I enjoy the positive encouragement from everyone. The group fitness is non-intimidating and fun.  I notice my increased energy level and confidence. My advice, be open to different workouts, don’t worry, we’re all doing the best we can. Keep moving!  

– Bobbi S

“Today I’m here for the little wins. It’s amazing what a year can do?! My mobility, flexibility, balance, and strength have all improved. While I’m still working on my pull-ups, my push-ups are stellar, killing it on the squats and my lunges are getting better. The scale hasn’t moved (as) much but this body is so much stronger. I take that as my win!!

– Rachel H

“I am so excited for what they’re doing at Camp MissFits. I am working out and being supported by women just like me. Who know and appreciate a woman’s body and strength. They’re knowledgeable and have made the whole process super easy. They call and check how we’re feeling, give us nutrition guidelines, and offer personal training classes to ensure you are doing things correctly and to help you work on your own personal needs. This is exactly what I’ve been needing. I am excited every day when I get to come in and work out with them.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ – Saralynn C

“Safe, fun, exercise program! Clean equipment and facility. With gentle and positive encouragement, and guidance in safe performance of exercises. This program will definitely get you to your fitness goals!

★ ★ ★ ★ – Merriebeth G

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