“I have been going to the personal training sessions for a little over a month now and I feel better mentally and physically. It is not just a place to workout. There a nutritional classes and lifestyle classes and an overwhelming sense that Priscilla and her team what you to succeed even more than you do. All the women I have worked out with have been really encouraging and welcoming. I think this is a great program for anyone who hates to go the gym but wants to improve their life through fitness.”
– Ashley L.

“Camp Missfits has been a wonderful reintroduction to a consistent workout schedule. Even though my number of days a week is regular the workouts never are the same workout twice. I love the groups of women who attended with me. It is wonderful to have so many supportive women working with you from all walks of life. I would highly recommend coming and trying out MissFits to any women at any fitness level.”
– Emily A.

“Love the workouts! They keep me motivated and my Garmin Vivofit 2 says I burned 519 calories in class tonight while wearing my heart rate monitor (which makes it pretty accurate)!”
– Lea Anne D.

“This is my second time around with Priscilla at MissFits. The first time was after baby #1, and at that time, my family did a ski trip to Tahoe. I had been training with MissFits, preparing for this trip. During the trip, I realized I was in the best shape of my life, and I really enjoyed being able to make turns, all day in the “sierra cement” (heavy, wet snow).

I was OVERJOYED to find MissFits in my neighborhood now (after baby #2). Again, after a few short months, I tested my strength keeping up with my husband down the slopes. On the way home, he mentioned he was impressed by how well I did. 🙂 Win #2!!!

I love the comradery with my fellow MissFits, I love that the program is tailored to me and how each coach takes the time to make sure you are doing every movement right.

I’m grateful to find a regular exercise routine I enjoy, and results I can see.
– Christine T.

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