Group Training

These sessions are designed to burn fat, increase strength, and improve your body’s performance because we customize the workout to YOUR functional movement patterns. Plus, it’s a motivating community of like-minded women that’ll boost your confidence!

Maximum Clients: 12
Duration: 50 minutes

Virtual Training

Reach your fitness goals, plus stay motivated and accountable – all from the comfort of your home. Our online sessions combine the personalization of 1-on-1 with the energy of a group workout, with no equipment required!

Mat Pilates

Flow through a series of dynamic movements that restore balance to your core muscles in the lower back and abdominals. This is a whole different kind of strength training that will leave you with smooth, sleek muscles and the kind of abs you’ve dreamed about!

Maximum Clients: 12
Duration: 50 minutes

Personal Training Team

Make the commitment to yourself and enroll today!

Achieve faster results with your own customized program based on your personal goals! You get the benefits of having a personal trainer programming your individual workouts, plus the energy of a supportive team environment of like-minded ladies!

Maximum Clients: 6
Duration: 50 minutes


John Maxwell


No. For safety reasons, we cap our classes at a specific number of attendees. When you sign up for a free class, one of our coaches will contact you to find a class that works for your schedule, that still has openings.

Yes, all classes must be reserved. If there’s a training time you just LOVE, we suggest you schedule it early. You can do it up to 2 weeks in advance. If you come to a session without having RSVP’d during a Peak Time, you are taking the risk that it will be maxed – and you will be asked to wait or attend a different session altogether.

If you get on the Wait List, please plan to attend a different session if you don’t receive a confirmation that you’re IN. As an example: ZenPlanner will allow you to RSVP for both the Saturday 8 AM and 9 AM sessions. If you receive notification that you’ve been moved from the 8 AM Wait List to the Confirmed List, please un-RSVP from the 9 AM if possible.

If something changes in your schedule and you can’t attend your reserved session, please either un-RSVP or text your head coach if you’re within the 4-hour window.  The coach may be able to contact someone on the Wait List in time to attend their desired session.

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