No. For safety reasons, we cap our classes at a specific number of attendees. When you sign up for a free class, one of our coaches will contact you to find a class that works for your schedule, that still has openings.

Yes, all classes must be reserved. If there’s a training time you just LOVE, we suggest you schedule it early. You can do it up to 2 weeks in advance. If you come to a session without having RSVP’d during a Peak Time, you are taking the risk that it will be maxed – and you will be asked to wait or attend a different session altogether.

If you get on the Wait List, please plan to attend a different session if you don’t receive a confirmation that you’re IN. As an example: ZenPlanner will allow you to RSVP for both the Saturday 8 AM and 9 AM sessions. If you receive notification that you’ve been moved from the 8 AM Wait List to the Confirmed List, please un-RSVP from the 9 AM if possible.

If something changes in your schedule and you can’t attend your reserved session, please either un-RSVP or text your head coach if you’re within the 4-hour window.  The coach may be able to contact someone on the Wait List in time to attend their desired session.

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Due to high demand, our program is currently closed. Be the first to know when we reopen with our 6-Week Fall Challenge in September!

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